Friday, February 27, 2009

summer soft

So when I got home this evening, I watched the KCET special on Stevie Wonder being awarded the Library of Congress' Gershwin Prize at the White House.  I swear I was jumping with joy when I saw that on my guide.  He opened with a song, then was graced by such diverse artists from jazz to pop to hip-hop.  Tony Bennett came on and sang his rendition of "For Once in my Life" which was wonderful.... then another memorable performance by India.Arie.  She sang one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs, "Summer Soft" off of his album "Songs in the Key of Life" which probably is one of the best records ever.  I forgot how beautiful that song was.  Ergo, that is the song of the moment.  The melody, the lyrics, everything... it's so soft and fragile. Mmm.

Another song I've really enjoyed throughout this whole week is Ella Fitzgerald's "These Foolish Things."  Another beautiful, subtle song with such romantic and vulnerable lyrics.  I had it on repeat one night while I was writing into the wee hours.... and now, the play count on my iTunes has reached a quite embarrassing number for me to admit.  That's how much I've enjoyed it.  Maybe you will too!

What's new? Not much I suppose.  Speaking of writing, I just wrote a couple of short stories for my Fiction Writing class, which I'm enjoying  quite a bit despite the heavy load of work and reading.  If you're interested, let me know & I'll shoot you a copy!  With taking that class, I really came to truly appreciate fiction and the craft of it.  It's really been insightful and eye-opening... and the best part of it is the discussion after the assigned readings.  I could say I've learned a lot more in that class than I have in any of my other classes combined this quarter.  Sadly, as my fondness grows exponentially, comes another ending of a quarter.  Oh well... I'm definitely looking to take another creative writing course soon like poetry.

I've barely had any time to breathe this quarter, but I haven't felt so fruitful and excited in quite some time, especially during school time.  20 units, 5 classes.  Wasn't all that easy, but it was all well worth it.

Spring seems to be just around the corner! Can't believe winter quarter's almost over already.  Time to study up for the finals...

--- ?uesto, drummer of The Roots, the official band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! I'm excited :) and of course, the QUEEN, Badu.  Her album's due soon.. can't wait!

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